Our Story - Stay Healthy, Alaska

Our Story

Welcome to Stay Healthy, Alaska! Formerly the Conquer COVID Coalition, we are a dedicated group of organizations and community members committed to defeating the COVID-19 pandemic and educating Alaskans about available resources to facilitate good health and community wellness. Our mission is to create a culture of prevention and foster widespread adoption of evidence-based practices to ensure the health and well-being of our residents and visitors.

While the public health emergency declaration has ended, our work is far from over. Open dialogue about COVID-19 has diminished in recent months, and we have a propitious opportunity to normalize COVID mitigation behaviors as a part of our every-day wellness practices. Stay Healthy, Alaska! exists to support Alaskan residents and visitors by increasing public awareness, promoting behavioral change, and supporting ongoing community resilience efforts.

At Stay Healthy, Alaska!, we understand that our focus extends beyond COVID-19 to include other health challenges, such as the annual flu season, and back-to-school check-ups. As our campaign evolves from “Conquer COVID” to “Stay Healthy, Anchorage,” we aim to integrate COVID mitigation as part of overall good health as a means to keep our businesses open and our community thriving. Our goal is to normalize COVID mitigation behaviors and encourage more Alaskans to embrace them.

Continuing to promote good health practices requires ongoing messaging and communications. We employ a mix of digital and social media advertising and in-person community programming to better reach our neighbors who have experienced disparate access to health and wellness resources. But our messaging extends beyond individual health; it emphasizes the collective benefit of keeping the workforce healthy, businesses open, and the economy moving forward. By focusing on these motivations that all Alaskans agree on, we can achieve real long-term behavioral change. We aim to keep COVID mitigation and good health behaviors top of mind, ensuring the well-being of our community and supporting our economy.

Stay Healthy, Anchorage is not just a slogan—it’s a commitment to our shared responsibility in protecting each other and preserving our way of life. Join us in this important journey to conquer COVID-19 and build a resilient and thriving Anchorage.