Judy Tanuvasa | Pacific Islander Community Leader

Hear from Judy Tanuvasa, Pacific Islander Community Leader, on how vaccinations are key to returning to normal. #VaxUp #ConquerCOVID

“My message to Pacific Islanders: We have access to get your vaccine.”

Judy Tanuvasas

James Batman | Vaccine Recipients

Hear why James Batman decided to get #Vaxed even though he is a younger Alaskan. #ConquerCOVID

“I really don’t see a downside to getting the vaccine.”

James Batman

Ed & Dana Klinkhart | Vaccine Recipients

Hear why Ed and Dana Klinkhart decided to #VaxUp and visit covidvax.alaska.gov for more information.

“I’ve got my shot, why don’t you get yours?”

Ed Klinkhart

Andre Horton | Anchorage Fire Department

“I had some mild side effects… I drank some water, took some ibuprofen, and went back to work the next day.”

Andre Horton

Samantha Mack | Vaccine Recipient

“Getting the vaccine, I feel, is really more about community instead of individual preference.”

Samantha Mack

Margo Bellamy | Vaccine Recipient

“Within 24 hours after the shot, other than a little bit of a rash, I didn’t have any symptoms.”

Margo Bellamy

Carla Hanley | Vaccine Recipient

Hear why Carla Hanley got her vaccine.

“I think it’s so important to get the vaccine to not only protect myself, but to protect the loved ones around me and the community.”

Carla Hanley

Helena Batman | Vaccine Recipient

“In order to preserve a way of life we need to be healthy.”

Helena Batman

Valerie Davidson | Alaska Pacific University

“The great part about being an Alaskan is we do our part to protect those around us… even those we don’t know.” We couldn’t have said it any better Valerie! #VaxUp #ConquerCovid

“I’m much better off than I would be if I hadn’t been vaccinated.”

Valerie Davidson