Matt Schultz | First Presbyterian Church of Anchorage

Hear how Rev. Matt Schultz views receiving the vaccine as an act of faith. #VaxUp

“Please get the vaccine as an act of faith.”

Rev. Matt Schultz

“God gave us minds and brains and science. It would be a shame not to use them to save other people’s lives.”

Rev. Matt Schultz

Jasmin Smith | Community Leader

Hear how Jasmin Smith, Community Advocate, overcame her hesitations with the vaccine and #VaxedUp.

“Getting the vaccine was worth it. I can hug my friends and family, without hesitation.

Jasmin Smith

Mao Tosi | Former NFL Athlete and Community Advocate

Mao Tosi, former NFL athlete and Community Advocate, spoke with us on why he will do his part to #ConquerCOVID and #VaxUp.

“The more of us who get vaccinated, the sooner we can fully re-open our economy and communities. And get back to church!”

Mao Tosi

“I will get the vaccine because I want to see my friends and loved ones.”

Mao Tosi

Kara Moriarty | President & CEO of AOGA

Hear from Kara Moriarty, President & CEO of AOGA, on why reopening our economy and protecting her family were key to her decision to receive the vaccine. #VaxUp

“For me, making the decision to get vaccinated was simple. The sooner more Alaskans do the same, the sooner we can fully reopen Alaska’s economy.”

Kara Moriarty

Cordelia Kellie | Community Advocate

Cordelia, a Community Advocate, spoke with us on why she will #VaxUp to be able to return to her traditions.

“Getting the vaccine means being a step closer to hugging my elders again.”

Cordelia Kellie

Julie Saupe | President & CEO of Visit Anchorage

Hear from Julie Saupe, President & CEO of Visit Anchorage, on why you should receive the vaccine. #VaxUp

“High vaccination rates are helpful in enticing visitors.”

Julie Saupe

“The vaccine is critical in re-opening our economy.”

Julie Saupe

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