Testing at the Airport

Here is what you need to know about getting tested after traveling to Anchorage.

Testing at the Airport

Here is what you need to know about getting tested after traveling to Anchorage.

NOTICE: Effective Dec. 1, COVID-19 testing at the Anchorage airport will be located behind security, available only for ticketed passengers and badged employees. Hawaii-trusted testing for outbound travelers will now be available at Alaska Park. To learn more, call 907-864-4642.

Free Testing

The State of Alaska has no entry or travel testing requirements, but non-vaccinated travelers are encouraged to receive a COVID-19 test before visiting – or to test for free at the airport upon arrival.

No appointment is necessary for testing at ANC, but travelers are encouraged to use the Alaska Safe Travels app to preregister for their free COVID-19 test. Visit www.AlaskaSafeTravels.com for more information.

Effective December 1, COVID-19 testing at ANC is located behind security for ticketed passengers (and badged employees) only. Hawaii-trusted testing for those departing ANC is now located at Alaska Park (click here to navigate). Test results are often available in less than 48 hours, but Hawaii-bound travelers should test as soon as they are within 72 hours of departure to allow time for results before arrival.

For more information, contact Capstone Clinic at triage@capstoneclinic.com or by phone at 907-864-4642.

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