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Matt Schultz | First Presbyterian Church of Anchorage

Hear how Rev. Matt Schultz views receiving the vaccine as an act of faith. #VaxUp “Please get the vaccine as an act of faith.” Rev. Matt Schultz “God gave us minds and brains and science. It would be a shame not to use them to save other people’s lives.” Rev. Matt Schultz

Jasmin Smith | Community Leader

Hear how Jasmin Smith, Community Advocate, overcame her hesitations with the vaccine and #VaxedUp. “Getting the vaccine was worth it. I can hug my friends and family, without hesitation. Jasmin Smith

Mao Tosi | Former NFL Athlete and Community Advocate

Mao Tosi, former NFL athlete and Community Advocate, spoke with us on why he will do his part to #ConquerCOVID and #VaxUp. “The more of us who get vaccinated, the sooner we can fully re-open our economy and communities. And get back to church!” Mao Tosi “I will get the vaccine because I want to […]

Kara Moriarty | President & CEO of AOGA

Hear from Kara Moriarty, President & CEO of AOGA, on why reopening our economy and protecting her family were key to her decision to receive the vaccine. #VaxUp “For me, making the decision to get vaccinated was simple. The sooner more Alaskans do the same, the sooner we can fully reopen Alaska’s economy.” Kara Moriarty

Cordelia Kellie | Community Advocate

Cordelia, a Community Advocate, spoke with us on why she will #VaxUp to be able to return to her traditions. “Getting the vaccine means being a step closer to hugging my elders again.” Cordelia Kellie

Julie Saupe | President & CEO of Visit Anchorage

Hear from Julie Saupe, President & CEO of Visit Anchorage, on why you should receive the vaccine. #VaxUp “High vaccination rates are helpful in enticing visitors.” Julie Saupe “The vaccine is critical in re-opening our economy.” Julie Saupe

Valerie Davidson | Alaska Pacific University

“The great part about being an Alaskan is we do our part to protect those around us… even those we don’t know.” We couldn’t have said it any better Valerie! #VaxUp #ConquerCovid “I’m much better off than I would be if I hadn’t been vaccinated.” Valerie Davidson